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Freddy Villarreal : Senior Pastor Freedom Life Churchimage-png

My wife Jen and I live in Yorktown, VA with our five children; Kyle, Parker, Eli, Kaelin, and Ty. As you can imagine life is always pretty crazy at our house!

In October of 2004, I had the privilege of joining along side 26 other people to start Freedom Life and have been here ever since. My energy is primarily spent focusing on the Vision of our church and coordinating our Preaching Team.

In addition to serving at FLC I also have the privilege of serving as a Teaching Pastor at my mentor pastor's church, The Chapel, in Nothern Chicago. Locally, I cooridnate our churches Kingdom Partnerships with organizations like the Virginia Unity Project, and the Peninsula Baptist Association.

When I am not at church or the office, I am probably hanging with my family, at the gym, watching TV, or playing some kind of sport. I love playing/watching/talking about football. Go Houston Texans!!!!

Random Facts: I have never broken a bone in my body, I currently have four tattoos (but can’t wait to get more), nothing annoys me more than the sound of people chewing food, and I am afraid of birds.

Lynn Walker : Associate Pastor (San Antonio Campus)

Walkers2In 2012, I was invited by a friend to Freedom Life Church in Hampton, Virginia and the course of my life was forever altered. In 2013, I felt the call to move to the great city of San Antonio to help start our second campus. I moved right after getting my degrees in Psychology and Biology from Christopher Newport University. Since then, my husband finished his time in the Marines and joined me, we added a daughter (Jessica), a dog (Sophie), and soon a son (Lucas) will be joining us. 

The majority of my life I planned to be a doctor and have enjoyed helping others. I love anything to do with health, the mind, science, and basic human/child development. After moving to San Antonio, I put my plans on hold and helped start our campus, develop our Children's Ministry for a few years, and then I shifted over to resident "ninja" of all things. Whatever you need, I'll help with, and if I don't know about it I'll make it a point to learn it (except anything musical, I'm in retirement)! I never get tired of seeing people encounter the goodness of God and it has been an honor to work with the team to help make those moments happen. 

In our off time, you can find the Walker family hiking, exploring a new nature park or river/lake, playing board games, or trying a new local restaurant. Asian food is my absolute favorite (sushi, ramen, curry), but Mexican is coming in at a close second. I also enjoy running and reading books. 

Random Facts: Mushrooms scare me and I prefer not to eat them. I'm fluent in Mandarin Chinese (my first language, but I am shy about it). I played tennis for many years and worked at the US Open in New York one summer during high school (I got the chance to be ball girl during Serena Williams' practice).