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Lynn Walker : Apprentice Ministry Coordinator


LynnMy husband, Adam, and I met in Virginia and moved to San Antonio, Texas a few years later. He grew up in New Hampshire before joining the Marines and traveling all over while I grew up all over (military kid!) with my longest place of residence being in Yorktown, Virginia. Now we call Texas HOME and we love it here!


I went through all of my schooling obsessed with the sciences, eventually majoring in Biology and Psychology. In 2012, a friend invited me to Freedom Life Church and it ended up altering all my life plans! I fell in love with the church and served in different areas while finishing up college before I felt the call to make the move to Texas. Shortly after, I felt led to pursue ministry even further and here I am now! I LOVE watching people come to understand the love, joy, hope, healing, and goodness of the Lord.


Since moving here, we have adopted a sweet rescue dog, Sophie (2015), and had our first child, Jessica Charis (2017). When not at the church, you can find our family out hiking, trying a new restaurant or coffee shop, or living life with friends. 


Random Facts: I’m afraid of heights, the feeling of velvet, and unmade beds. I make lists of lists of lists. I love playing tennis, running, and finding a good book to get lost in. The only real goal I ever had for my life was to impact at least one other person in a positive manner. 


LaVatta Hines : Worship Leader

10568824_10103235117865342_8926768504276269066_nWriting your own bio is just an odd process to me, but I’ll take a shot at………lol. Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia I was introduced to music at birth. At an early age my mother caught me singing in my room and after that she had me singing in church just about every Sunday. When I wasn’t singing I was always front row watching her sing and lead worship. That started my education in music and ministry early. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that worship was what I was called to do. Those childhood moments on stage were just building blocks for a greater calling.

I’ve had the joy of serving in FLCWorship for the last 5 years. I’ve had a life filled with awesome opportunities. I believe commitment to the Lord and excellence has allowed my journey to take me places I could only dream of. As well as being a vocal director for several stage plays, I’ve had the opportunity to tour with Ricardo Sanchez and share the stage with Israel Houghton and New breed. One of my most cherished memories is meeting and opening for the iconic Dr. Maya Angelou.

No matter what stage I’m on I find myself still just as excited as the little girl singing in her room. May I never lose that feeling.

Random Facts: I love food. Chick fil a is my best-friend. Goobers is my close friend! 


Timmy & Tina George : Student Ministry Leads


timmy and tina

My wife Christina and I both hail from the GREAT state of Maryland. We have two puppies named Jack and Gus that make up most of the photos in our iPhones' camera roll. The Air Force brought us here in 2010, at which point we bought cowboy boots and made San Antonio our home. 

Youth are our passion. We love our teens and seek to equip them as the spiritual leaders of their generation. Our prayer is that Jesus uses our ministry to create a spiritually liberating movement that explodes through our schools and past our country's borders.


Random facts: Timmy is bi-lingual, according to the military anyway. Christina is a professional photographer. We met at youth group and started dating when we were 14. Timmy's favorite food is casserole-style macaroni and cheese. Christina would literally cut somebody if it meant getting free Chick-Fil-A. We have a goddaughter named Jessica who is the coolest kid ever and makes up the rest of the photos in our camera roll.


Jasmine Herron : FLC Kids Co-Lead


Jasmine and antoine

My husband, Antoine, and I are transplants to this city we now call home. We are high school sweethearts from the small community of Rockport-Fulton on the coast of Texas. I don't believe that we moved to San Antonio by chance and found Freedom Life Church here. It was very much God's timing. It is crazy to now see how close we lived to our Hampton campus when my husband was stationed in Norfolk,VA. I cannot tell you how many times we drove by Freedom Life Church during our year there. 

We have three blessings by the names of Jalen, Eliana and Tobias. They LOVE being at church and remind me daily that ministry, loving people, and serving God is bigger than ourselves.

As a wife and mother, my first ministry has been my family. I did not realize until recently that in this season of our lives, God has given me a purpose and a passion for the families that walk through the doors of FLCSA.

Random facts: I love to cook!!!! By the time I am finished I am rarely hungry though. I also am a book worm. I love love love to read and sing. We worship almost daily in our home and it is not abnormal for me to have a book in my bag. 


Jeannie Carman : FLC Kids Co-Lead



US Navy Corpsman Veteran, Mom, wife, sister, friend, and an “orphan” before I found God!!! My husband, Jim, and I have been married since December 30, 2010. He is an Active Duty K9 cop in the Air Force. Pretty cool job, I know!!! We have 3 children all together. Matthew, is 17. Christian, or CJ as we call him, is 12. Then there is Jayme Annabell and she is a three-nager!!! She is the princess of the family.

I started attending FLC right after they opened up the doors in San Antonio. My best friend and Jayme’s godfather, David Garver, kept telling me to come to his church. I had been burned by numerous churches so I was very skeptical. I was never part of the “cliques” that they had within their churches, so I just stopped going. I always felt like an outcast, like I didn’t belong in “their” church. The first night I walked into FLC, there was such a warm welcoming and everyone seemed excited to see a new face!!! The worship was amazing. The message was one that I felt like was easy to understand and had real life examples. Since that one night, I’ve been going ever since. I’m HOME. I belong. I fit. I MATTER. Listening to my friend was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m so excited to see where God is going to take my life!!! Going to church every weekend and seeing “my” kids, gives my heart such JOY!!!

I work on Lackland in the hospital. I build schedules for all of the providers in my clinic, 92 of them!!! But I absolutely love my job. I have a lot of experience being a Corpsman. I’m also a Certified Medical Assistant. I graduated college in October of 2013.

Random Facts: I have 4 dogs and still would love to have more! I ADORE kids and I can never say no to a kid with a pouty lip! I don’t like fried chicken. And I LOVE pictures!!!