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Courtney Beard : Lead Pastor FLC San Antonio

courtneyMy wife Quinetta joins me in the reality show of our life. Though there are no cameras rolling, our life is a constant laugh track.

Together we’ve been in ministry for over a decade. We started in the wilds of youth ministry as Student Pastors. For several of those years I doubled as Worship Arts Pastor as well. In 2011 I joined the Freedom Life Church staff (which is probably better defined as a comedic Improv Group).  As you can see I love to joke. I bring this good natured approach to my whole life. I still have a passion for equipping this generation, but I simply love introducing people to God’s love via the arts. Currently my wife and I proudly lead our San Antonio campus. Though I'm a lifelong Laker fan, I'll be the first to admit the Spurs are wearing me down.

I am a former student of Berklee College of Music and my wife is a proud graduate of Liberty University. When not on the church campus you can easily find me doing live theater or working various projects in the studio. I'm also one of the host "The Faction" which is my weekly WRESTLING podcast that covers every about the amazing world of pro-wrestling! We are 100% committed to the arts and the conservation of it.

Random Facts: I love WRESTLING or “Rasslin” for you diehards…..not just WWE, but any wrestling promotion. I know, sounds a little weird but it’s our life and we LOVE it. Along with Chris, I love Chinese food and I agree with Freddy…CHEW SILENTLY.

Romans 15:1- Strength is for service, not status.



Freddy Villarreal : Senior Pastor Freedom Life Churchimage-png

My wife Jen and I live in Yorktown, VA with our five children; Kyle, Parker, Eli, Kaelin, and Ty. As you can imagine life is always pretty crazy at our house!

In October of 2004, I had the privilege of joining along side 26 other people to start Freedom Life and have been here ever since. My energy is primarily spent focusing on the Vision of our church and coordinating our Preaching Team.

In addition to serving at FLC I also have the privilege of serving as a Teaching Pastor at my mentor pastor's church, The Chapel, in Nothern Chicago. Locally, I cooridnate our churches Kingdom Partnerships with organizations like the Virginia Unity Project, and the Peninsula Baptist Association.

When I am not at church or the office, I am probably hanging with my family, at the gym, watching TV, or playing some kind of sport. I love playing/watching/talking about football. Go Houston Texans!!!!

Random Facts: I have never broken a bone in my body, I currently have four tattoos (but can’t wait to get more), nothing annoys me more than the sound of people chewing food, and I am afraid of birds.


Jacory Wills : Staff Pastor


I was born in the church, ok not literally, but I grew up in the church. I can proudly say I was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia. I was the kid running around the church after service finding something to get into. Both my Father and Grandfather are pastors. I’m walking in the footsteps of two great men that lead the way for me. I grew up watching how they led their community by faithfully following God. 

At the age of 12, I started playing drums at my dad’s church. At the age of 20, I starting playing the piano. I graduated with my BA in Theology in 2016. I also graduated from the apprenticeship program with Freedom Life Church in 2017. I now have the honor of working as the associate pastor here in FLC SA. 

Random Facts: Here we go! I️ originally went to school for civil engineering before I went to school for theology. I have a younger brother. When it comes to Marvel & DC hero’s, I’m a low-key geek. I want to play a villain in a movie one day. Sometimes my artistic side comes out and I’ll pick up my sketchbook and draw. I love meeting new people. If you’re still curious about me let’s chat at a coffee shop…I love coffee.