Join us Saturdays 6:30pm or Sundays 10:00am


FLC Kids


Teaching kids how to be champions in Christ through faith, grace and God’s unconditional love.

Our Vision:

“CHAMPS Children’s Ministry will be a family for young believers that will offer unconditional love and acceptance to all children, while we challenge and encourage them as they grow into the next generation of victorious leaders.”

Our Mission:

“We will…

  • NURTURE spiritually, emotionally, and mentally
  • TEACH what it means to be part of God’s “team”
  • EQUIP the next generation to be CHAMPIONS for the Lord”


There are 168 hours in a week...we get to be part of one of those hours in the life of a child.

In that hour we will teach, play, encourage, mentor, and equip.

The vision behind Champs is to inspire boldness and create Champions...

In the world of sports, the locker room is a special place. This is where the team meets to review the plays, spend time together, be encouraged by the coach, and get geared up to head out to the playing field and win a victory for their team.

In the Champs "locker room" we want to do the same thing each week. Our playbook is the Bible. Our volunteers are the coaches that encourage and inspire our children. Our gear is the full armor of God. And as we invest in our children, we are readying them to head out to the playing field that is life and experience victories for the Lord!

We look forward to meeting you and your family, building relationships with your children, equipping parents to initiate discipleship at home, and serving alongside you!