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Have you ever had a dream? Have you seen that dream fulfilled? Or maybe you're still on the journey to seeing your dream come to life. Or perhaps over time, that dream was silenced by fears, doubts, the voices of those around you, or the trials of life. This month we want to inspire you to dream again! What are the passions, desires, and hopes that God has placed inside of you? It's time to embark, boldly and bravely, on the journey to seeing those dreams fulfilled. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that "we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago." God has a plan and purpose for you, and He wants you to dream again so that you can walk out the fullness of all that he has in store for you! Join us this month to rediscover the dreams God has for you and to embark on the journey to seeing those dreams become a reality.... Keep Reading

New Sermon Series: RETRO

April 27, 2016 | by: Courtney Beard | 0 Comments

From ?#?TBT? to the remake of timeless cinematic movies and TV shows, it seems that our culture simply loves a Full House of warm hearted nostalgia. It's easy to sit back and observe some of today's latest fashion trends and question if you're in the Wonder Years of the retro 80's. In today's fast paced world we need a MASH of fellowship and relationship to have some Happy Days and to ease the Growing Pains. Join us on a journey of breaking down the Facts of Life according the scriptures. One thing is for sure it's A Different World but Family Matters. Let's go old school! Let's get RETRO!... Keep Reading

New Sermon Series: The Joshua Tree

February 7, 2016 | by: Freddy Villarreal | 0 Comments

If we were to describe the topic of the next month in one word, that word would be "Trust". Starting in the Old Testament with God's call of Joshua to lead his people into the Promised Land, we will unpack how God is always inviting and challenging us to join him in a journey of ever-growing trust. Just like a tree, bearing fruit always begins with laying down roots. We hope you join us for each of these four important weekly topics- Perspective, Problems, Process, and Provision.... Keep Reading

From the cowboys of the Wild West, to Cheers, to the Goonies, to Entourage-one thing we know is we all need somebody who's got our back! Whether it's your "crew", your "homies", or your "squad", we weren't designed to do life alone. Even Jesus ran with a tight crew of 12 guys! We were intentionally designed to run this race together and to live in community. Join us in the month of January as we examine what the Bible has to say about the importance of your "squad", and as we ask the question-"who's got your back? ... Keep Reading

Throughout our day to day schedules, life can seem routine. What if in the midst of that routine, we discovered that God has a divine purpose for us? As a church, we are committed to "Changing the Way People See God"! Over the next few weeks we'll dig into HOW exactly we do that through "encountering" the message of Jesus, "experiencing" lif... Keep Reading


September 24, 2015 | by: Freddy Villarreal | 0 Comments

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven..." How many times have you heard those words spoke during the Lord's Prayer at a funeral, a sporting event, or a church service? But have you ever stopped to consider why Jesus told us that this is how we should pray? Join us for the next several weeks as we consider the impli... Keep Reading

Women's Daytreat: SHINE

August 16, 2015 | by: Chris Hoyt | 0 Comments

Saturday: September 19th, 2015 9:30AM-1PM Invite your ladies to Freedom Life Church with you for this fun event to get refreshed and refueled! Food, speakers, worship, and more will take place at this half-day retreat.For more information, contact Kim Hoyt at Click here to register!... Keep Reading


July 30, 2015 | by: Freddy Villarreal | 0 Comments

"Honor" is a word that seems to be difficult to define and even harder to spot in our culture. But when you read scripture, the concept of honor is weaved throughout the bible. During this 2 week message series we will begin by examining the blessing of understanding and extending honor to others, and conclude by unpacking what honor does an... Keep Reading


June 30, 2015 | by: Chris Hoyt | 0 Comments

Each one of our lives are filled with work, friendships and family. Yet even in the business of life, Jesus has uniquely positioned us to not just live life, but to live life “on mission.” Jesus has given each of us gifts, talents and influence- that if we use them all together in community, we can make a huge impact for the king... Keep Reading


May 14, 2015 | by: Freddy Villarreal | 0 Comments

God created the universe and everything it in 6 days and then He did something many of us struggle with...He rested! If you have ever found it difficult to keep rest as a healthy rhythm in your life, this message series may really help. Join us as we spend 3 weeks unpacking the three healthy rhythms that God has given all of us for a life th... Keep Reading