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Impromptu "Prayer Nights" are nights where we connect our HEARTS with Heavens agenda!... Keep Reading

When you read the New Testament, you see how Jesus and the Apostles not only talked about the power of God, but they actually moved in the power of God. But how? What did it take for them to do those things? Join us for the next 3 weeks as we discussion what it looks like to walk like the disciples, to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and Power, and to move in the supernatural gifts the way they did. This is a series you won’t forget!... Keep Reading

We all have seen them and probably used them in a text message or on social media to express how we feel. EMOJIS! Their a fun tool that brings our emotions to life for those around us. But what happens when we are wrestling with emotions and feeling emotionally or "Emoji-nally" challenged? We may know who we are in Christ, and even walk out the word, but we sometimes can't seem to shake off how we feel. Join us for this incredible series as we uncover how to escape emotional immaturity and unleash the Holy Spirit's power to become spiritually mature.... Keep Reading

Tattoos tell an amazing story. The artistic expression gives others an inside look at what's important to a person. This month, we're looking deep into what God says is important for us to have inked into our hearts. The world is facing critical times and we have an opportunity to show the power of Christ by doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. Join us as we take a creative and compelling look into God's word that will be sure to challenge your heart call you higher!... Keep Reading

"Heart of the House" We are really excited to begin 2017 spending some time diving deep into who God has called us to be and what He has called us to do as a church this year. Join us as we spend this month exploring the assignment Jesus introduced in Luke 4:18-19, and how He is drawing us as a local church to continue the mission He began. We will spend this month taking an inspiring and challenging journey through Old and New Testament passages, which will culminate with a huge celebration at our Combined Service on Saturday night, January 28th. This message series will be transformative for us as a church and set the direction for our entire year! If Freedom Life Church is your church home, we pray you make it a priority to join us!... Keep Reading

When we look at the life of David we see a young shepherd boy who was chosen by God to be King-and spent his life pursuing the heart of God. The boy who started as the most unlikely candidate for greatness, was chosen by God to be not only a powerful king but also part of the family history of Jesus himself. Out of the lineage of David, another "shepherd" was born- a man who spent his life caring for his father's flock and who, like David, would also be King. Today, it is this legacy that we live out. In this message series we will discover what this legacy really means for us, and what it looks like to let it live on through us! #JoinTheLegacy... Keep Reading

Life Groups Begin

October 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Tonight Community Groups Begin. Groups will be all around our city and are a great way for one to start developing relationships at FLC and get encouraged.  Come out tonight and break up your week with us!! Here is the list of GROUPS. ... Keep Reading

The Best Is Yet To Come The life that God has called each of us to is an incredible journey! Each season bringing with it opportunities to grow, to learn, to lead, to serve, and to make the good news of God's love known to those around us. We have each been designed uniquely and intentionally, with gifts and a story that God desires to use for His glory. This message series will inspire us to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly and live the abundant life that God has planned for each of us. No matter what season of life you're in right now, we will learn together that all of God's plans are good, we each have a unique purpose in life, and your best is yet to come! Cyon C. Edgerton... Keep Reading

Under the Armor of God Every fall one of the greatest American past-times consumes the thoughts, minds, and attention of millions around the world. Why does the game of football so easily capture the hearts and imaginations of so many? Maybe because at the core of who we are, we all desire to be a part of something exciting and larger than ... Keep Reading

Summer Sermon Series: Password

August 3, 2016 | by: Courtney Beard | 0 Comments

It's tough to find anything in 2016 that does not require a Password. From an Uppercase here and a numerical number there it can all become overwhelming. What's even more bothersome are those moments when we find ourselves locked out from too many failed attempts. Though we are clearly talking about technology this easily translates to the Passwords we've placed over our heart, mind, will, and emotions. Often those passwords that were meant to protect us can suffocate us. Lets a take a journey over the next few weeks removing the passwords in our life so that we can live out a true expression of freedom in Christ. ... Keep Reading